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Copper Tablewares

Copper Tablewares

After a long time practiced by Rishis, Munis, Ayurveda & Modern science, it is now an established fact that Copper is much useful & slightly soluble in water. Copper inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses & fungi, clears the waste attached with intestinal walls & keeps the stomach free from stomach diseases, regulates cardiac disorders thereby regulating many other orders of the body. Copper is a soul of life. 

We bring forth our clients an exclusive and enthralling range of copper table wares. The beautiful collection of tablewares is designed to suit the need of the clients. Copper tablewares are designed by experienced and diligent employees in varied shapes, sizes and designs. We also customize our the products on the basis of glossy finish. These can be availed at highly competitive prices. Our wide and diverse range of copper tableware includes Copper Steel Curry Dishes, Copper Water Pitcher Hammered, Copper Angithi/Sigri, Copper Steel Handi, Copper Steel Balti, Copper Glass & Jug, Pickle Stand, Copper Steel Ice Cream Cup and many more.





  • Quality oriented
  • Durable
  • Affordable prices
  • Indian Craftmanship


Copper Moon Tray

Item Code: MK-152mth1

We present a unique way to serve Thali by just offering the side tray which can house 7 Bowls. The bowls in addition to the usage for Thali can also be used for display of 7 different sorts of Chutneys, Pickles, Condiments, Candies, Chocolates. A lot any things can come at the click of your imagination.
Dimensions Corn to Corner: 40 cm

Copper Steel Handi

Item Code: MK-152h

Indian restaurant without copper steel tablewares almost sounds like a dish with salt missing. So is the impact of these dishes that restaurants don't look indian, if they miss out to serve dishes in copper steel tablewares. We offer handi in different sizes with most common size details as follows.
Handi # 1(5"-dia)
Handi # 2(6"-dia)
Handi # 3(7"-dia)
Bigger handi sizes can also be made to order. Optionally covers are also made available on demand.

Rustic/Antique Finish Copper Tableware

Item Code: MK-152rustic

To create the typical Indian back drops specially to render rustic or antique finish to match or go with the ambience, we also create & impart that same looks to our popular range of copper tablewares. Wearing this look, they appear so very elegant, ethnic that serving food on these dishes would delight to serve & treat to dine. All items are available in all sizes.
Now a days, the same typical Indian style is IN, all across the globe & so has grown the demand of our tablewares.

Copper Steel Wok Style Portion Dishes

Item Code: MK-152w

Our range of products has gone beyond the imagination, different from ordinary & has stepped ahead in the way of serving Indian Food in style yet retaining the authenticity. We offer Copper Steel Karahi in the form of wok, which has a unique wok style handle on one side which again is offered in 5",6" & 7" sizes.

Serving Indian dishes on these portion dishes would make for a unique way of serving & will leave an everlasting impact on the diner. The dishes appear as if they have come directly from live kitchen & served hot on the table. Since no rivetting is involved which means no food adulteration too.

Copper Steel Karahi

Item Code: MK-152k

We offer copper steel karahi in different portion sizes. The most common three sizes are 5",6" and 7". Different restaurants use their portions according to the menu. The size details are
Karahi # 1(5"-dia)
Karahi # 2(6"-dia)
Karahi # 3(7"-dia)

Copper Steel Balti

Item Code: MK-152b

Any indian dinner is incomplete without dal or gravy. Dal balti is the most ordered dishes in indian restaurant because anybody who looks to order indian food, he can miss out on anything, but not dal. We offer dal balti in two sizes with specifications as.
balti # 1(4"-dia)
balti # 2(4. 5"-dia)

Copper Steel Punjabi Handi

Item Code: MK-152ph

Like all other copper dishes, punjabi handi also has its own significance. To give the traditional indian touch, lot many restaurants serve biryani, curry dishes & dal in these punjabi handi's. These occupy less space on a table & look fascinating. We offer different sizes in punjabi handi's to suit dish served.
Description Mouth Dia x ht Capacity
CuSS Punjabi Handi # 1 10 cm x 8 cm 500 ml
CuSS Punjabi Handi # 2 11.5 cm x 9 cm 750 ml
CuSS Punjabi Handi # 3 13 cm x 9.5 cm 950 ml

Copper Steel Punjabi Handi With Handle & Base

Item Code: MK-152ph1

Yet another addition to the range of copper tableware is Punjabi handi which has handles & base. With these attachments, the handi looks entirely different, you get an upraised look which makes the handi smarter. Available in 3 sizes to suit different portion sizes.
CuSS Punjabi Handi # 1 10 cm x 8 cm 500 ml
CuSS Punjabi Handi # 2 11.5 cm x 9 cm 750 ml
CuSS Punjabi Handi # 3 13 cm x 9.5 cm 950 ml 

Cu SS Punjabi Handi W Handles

Item Code: MK-152ph2

Lot many restaurants find the shape of handi perfect & requires no bases, but handles for easy service on the a la carte orders. We offer Copper SS Punjabi Handi's with handles on sides as per requirement. The Handi again comes in 3 sizes to suit different portions for daal or biryani.

  • Cu SS Punjabi Handi # 1 10 cm x 8 cm 500 ml
  • Cu SS Punjabi Handi # 2 11.5 cm x 9 cm 750 ml
  • Cu SS Punjabi Handi # 3 13 cm x 9.5 cm 950 ml

Copper Steel Tawa

Item Code: MK-152t

To serve dry snacks in an Indian restaurant, nothing is as perfect as copper steel tawa. These are ideally used to serve snacks like paneer tikka, chicken tikka, tandoor chicken, seekh kebabs, tandoori fish & lot many other mouth watering snacks. The sizes are often used to serve salads. We offer them in 3 sizes with specifications as.
Tawa # 1(7"-dia)
Tawa # 2(8"-dia)
Tawa # 3(9"-dia)

Copper Steel Curry Dishes

Item Code: MK-152c

Curry Dishes forms one of the most important dishes to serve not just curries, but lot many other dishes like Biryani, Fried Rice, Manchurian, Raita. To serve all these we make them in 3 different sizes with size details as.
Curry Dish # 1(7.5"x 5"-l x w )
Curry Dish # 2(8.5"x 6"-l x w )
Curry Dish # 3(9.5"x 7"-l x w )
Their multi utility makes them important, as they can serve anything, if restaurant runs out of main course dishes.

Copper Steel Curry Dish W Handle & Base

Item Code: MK-152chb

To enjoy the fine dining experience, no entre dish comes close to Copper Serving Dishes. Over the years, Indian restaurants in india & abroad have always used copper tablewares to mark the traditional Indian way of serving Indian food. We offer Oval curry dishes which have handles & base that gives a beautiful appeal to the way of serving. These are offered on 3 sizes to hold different portions.

Copper Angithi/Sigri

Item Code: MK-152a

To serve dishes piping hot & to make the dishes look even more attractive, restaurants often use angithi. Angithi's can hold t-light or charcoal for warming up main dishes like karahi, handi, tawa & punjabi handi. As per the size of main dishes, we make them in 3 different sizes from 1 to 3.

Copper Angithi Hammered

Item Code: MK-152ah

We now Copper Angithi/Sigri which just look awesome in hammered finish. For years, traditional indian way of serving food has been on copper tablewares & we make the finest of quality in tablewares. The products are truly a perfect example of indian cratsmanship which are beautifully handcrafted. The Angithi/Sigri in hammered finish are available in following sizes
Copper Angithi Hammered # 1: 9 cm dia & 10 cm ht
Copper Angithi Hammered # 2: 11 cm dia & 11 cm ht
Copper Angithi Hammered # 3: 13.5 cm dia & 13 cm ht
These Copper Stand are ideal to hold Handi & Karahi of the respective sizes. In fact, the authentic indian looks come only when dishes are clubbed with Sigri's.

Copper Steel Finger Bowl W Underliner

Item Code: MK-152f

To wash the fingers & hands after the meal in a small basin pot & bringing luxury of completing a sumptuous meal & washing hands thereafter, we offer Copper Steel Finger Bowl with Underliner. Warm water is served in the bowl with sliced lemon to clean fingers & making the dining experience hygenic. That's what called luxury at your finger tips.

Copper Goblet

Item Code: MK-152g

The craze of copper is tremendous firstly because of its look & most importantly due to its property. For ages it has been established fact now that drinking water in copper enhances the quality of water so much so that it cures gastric problems & cleans the renal system if done on regular basis.

We offer Copper Goblet for fine dining which makes your dining experience memorable & healthy. The hammered finish of the Goblet makes you feel as if you are being served food in the ages of Mughal & Muaryas & the proud feeling of Indian Culture

Tech Specifications:
15 cm x 8 cm(ht x dia)

Capacity: 250 ml


Copper Glass & Jug

Item Code: MK-152jg

To serve water in typical indian style, we offer traditional design to glass, commonly know as mutki glass. Parallel glass is also popular for its easy maintenance.  similarily, we offer matching jug to suit the complete copper tableware setup.

Copper Water Pitcher Hammered

Item Code: MK-152j

For the pure Indian Dining experience, restaurants use Copper Jugs/Water Pitchers to serve water. We offer this Jug 1.75 lt capacity, with tin plating inside for hygiene & safety. To make it look even more traditional, on order we offer these water pitchers in embossed finish as well.
Copper Water Pitcher Hammered
Stomach Dia: 12 cm
Height: 36 cm

Copper Jug Flower Embossed Finish

Item Code: MK-152jf

New on the list of copper tableware is an intricately designed flower embossed copper jug, which has a unique base. The design truly reflects the indian craftmanship.
Copper Jug Flower Embossed
Stomach Dia: 12 cm
Height: 35 cm 

Copper Steel Ice Cream Cup

Item Code: MK-152i

Indian food has a very typical & lavish style of food service. If indian dining is on cards, it starts with drinks, starters, soups, main course & then comes the desserts. Like other copper tablewarers, we also offer copper steel ice creams cups, which are not just limited to serving ice creams but few other indian sweets like halwa, gulab jamun, maalpura, rasgullas.
Copper Ice Cream Cup (9.7 cm x 9.7 cm-dia x ht) 

Copper Steel Desert Bowl

Item Code: MK-152d

We offer finest range of Copper Tablewares in which Desert Bowl is as important as any other serving dish. To leave the lasting impression of Indian Food, desserts play a vital role. Serving desserts like Gulab Jamun, Halwa, Rasmalai & Rasgulla, Ice Creams Copper Desert Bowls are just perfect to impart a lasting impression of fine dining.
Copper Desert Cup (9.7 cm x 4.3 cm-dia x ht)

Pickle Stand

Item Code: MK-152ps

For serving chutneys, pickles, vinegar onions, we offer 3x1 pickle stand. They are offered in copper, 2tone finishes. The stem in the middle is provided with a hook handle or an umbrella handle as desired by the client. It is a perfect match for indian fine dining experience.

Copper Bread Basket

Item Code: MK-196C

When it comes to fine Indian/Asian dining, nothing comes as good as copper tablewares. To match the perfect ethnic Indian dining setup, we offer copper bread baskets in kishti shape, which are extensively used to serve breads like Naan, Roti, Parantha, Papads. During festive season, they are also sold as baskets to wrap up cookies, confectioneries, sweets, candies. It comes in standard size of 27 x 17 cms.

Copper Hammered Imperial Napkin Stand

Item Code: MK-165c

Yet another addition to our widely acclaimed copper tableware is the unique style copper hammered imperial napkin stand which has intricate hammering all across, has a dip at the centre which helps to pull out napkins easily & quickly. In addition it blends with the copper serving dishes on a table making as a complete copper dining set up.

Copper Toothpick Stand, Bud Vase & Cruet Set

Item Code: MK-152tt

To make sure that your experience of fine dining leaves a lasting impression, we offer Toothpick Stands, Straw Holders, Bud Vases & Cruet sets in copper which compliments with the range of copper dishes.

Copper Snacks Platter

Item Code: MK-152rp

It is an established fact that when it comes to serving Indian Food, especially Starters & Snacks, nothing looks as brilliant as copper does. We offer Copper Platters with variable sizes.
The most suitable is 12" x 7" which has a good space to house any kind of tikka's & kebabs along with chutney & salads.

Copper Tawa Snack Warmer

Item Code: MK-152A

We offer copper steel tawa with angithi in 7"-9" sizes that is extensively used in restaurants & banquets for serving starters and snacks. They are a massive hit among catering groups.

Copper Table Service Tandoor

Item Code: MK-228

We manufacture world-class table service tandoor that are offered in metallic finishes with lustrous shine. These tablewares bear an elegant look and enhances the dining settings.

Copper Show Plate

Item Code: MK-197C

To add to the beauty of plates, we offer Copper Show plates which have colorful bands on the border. All fine dining restaurants around the world extensively use them as the total look of the table changes when one employs these show plates.

Copper Hammered Show Plate

Item Code: MK-197ch

Every fine dining restaurant looks to showcase & serve food in different style yet retaining the authenticity of serving Indian Food. We offer show plates that houses Full Plate be it ceramic or in Copper. Show Plates gives a wowo factor to the dining experience. The plates are also used for placing it on walls as wall plate or as a prop.The 10.5" Dinner Plate perfectly fits the 13.5" Show Plate leaving the edges exposed for admiration for the diner.

Copper Bamboo HM

Item Code: MK-208

The eye-catching range of Copper Bamboo HM flatwares are easily maintainable and are made of copper and textured in bamboo patterns. Available in various shapes and sizes, these are visually appealing and crafted in various designs and are known for reliability, patterns and aesthetic looks.

Copper Hammered Cutlery

Item Code: MK-208h

We offer a complimenting range of Copper Cutlery to go with the Copper Tableware whhich perfectly matches the hammered finish. All sizes are offered viz
Copper hammered
Tea Spoon
Desert Spoon
Desert Fork
Desert Knife
Soup Spoon
Service Spoon
Table Spoon
Table Fork

Pure Copper Lemon Set

Item Code: MK-152LSG

The most royal way to serve water/liquor one can imagine is here now. We offer a stunning range of Copper Tableware & one of the best examples is our Pure Copper Lemon set in Hammered Finish. The set examplifies the true Indian craftsmanship. The contents are as follows
1 Copper Tray
4 Copper Coblets
1 Water Pitcher

Copper Hammered Lemon Set

Item Code: MK-152LSA

Yet another addition to this immensely popular series is Copper Lemon Set Amarpali. Enjoy the richness of getting drinks/beverages served in the most royal way. Our Copper Lemon Set has following contents.
1 Copper Tray                 (12" x 7"- l x b)
4 Copper Amarpali Glasses (7 cm x 9 cm- dia x ht)
1 Copper Hammered Jug    (11 cm x 23 cm-dia x ht)


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