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Metal Kraft, Delhi
Metal Kraft, Delhi

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Kitchenware And Utensils

We are a professionally managed organization engaged in manufacturing steel kitchen wares, metal kitchen utensils, commercial kitchen wares, restaurant kitchen utensils, tableware, barware, karahi stand, chafing dishes, life style products, commercial tandoor and house keeping items. These are fabricated in compliance with the international standards using food grade raw material. Our range is durable, corrosion resistant, and available with innovative designs & aesthetic look and encompasses the following:

Copper Chafing Dishes Part 1Get Quotation
Over the years, the way of celebarating Indian Weddings & the traditional way of serving food in Indian Restaurants has become immensely popular that all around the globe wherever you come across Indian Catering in Hotels, Banquets, Restaurants you surely will find extensive usage of Copper Chafing Dishes. We present a very extensive range of Copper Chafing Dishes that are offered in unique designs yet traditional & in different capacities.

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Copper Chafing Dishes Part 2Get Quotation
We offer of the finest & comprehensive range of Copper Chafing Dishes which are unique in style, has a class of its own, stands apart from the ordinary. The purity of Copper is 99.9% & Stainless Steels Inserts are of Food Grade Quality.

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Brass Chafing DishesGet Quotation
The finest of Chafing Dishes which can take you to the ages of Mughal's, Maurya's & Rajwara are made by us, using quality of high standards, we offer these chafing dishes in different designs & in different sizes. Surely, these are a must range of chafing dishes for restaurants, banquets & catering groups that want to create tradition Indian way of serving world class cuisine.

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Traditional Chafing Dishes-Heritage CollectionGet Quotation

Serving Food in rich & ethnic style has been our Indian Tradition. "ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA" is not just the tag line but as moral values, we have inherited that from our ancestors & would continue to pass on same value to our future generations. We as a company have tried to replicate the same style of serving food as one would imagine the way food service would be during the age of Mughals, Maurya's.  
We have made an entirely new range of Chafers that look rich, ethnic, as if belonging to our golden era & yet these are maintenance free, does not require any extensive treatment like regular Copper or Brass Chafing Dishes requires. They can just be easily washed with lukewarm soapy water with soft foam application. 

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Chafing Dishes & Food WarmerGet Quotation
Chafing Dishes are one of the most admired forms of serving food in style. Whether it is purely Indian Food or English Buffet, we offer Chafing Dishes for all kinds of food serving events. The style, design, appearance of the serving dish is of prime importance. We offer a comprehensive range of Chafing Dishes, which just made to perfection & suited to the theme of the event.

We are backed by our pool of dedicated and experienced professionals in designing and manufacturing Chafing Dishes that comprises- Stainless Steel Chafing dishes in different designs, styles & capacities. Designed to perfection, these reflect the innovative craftsmanship of our designers and are available in various shapes and designs. Fabricated using best quality metals, these are suitable for keeping food warm and moist for parties & functions.

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Cast Aluminium Enamel Chafing DishesGet Quotation
To present Food in different style we offer our newly designed Cast Aluminium Enamel Coated Chafing Dishes. They impart a wonderful touch to the way of food presentation. These are Robust, sturdy & long life Chafing dishes.

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Ceramic Chafing DishesGet Quotation
Chafing Dishes have changed the way food is served. The way of serving food in authentic Indian style is to serve them in Ceramic Chafing Dish. The popular Indian Restaurant & Catering chain across the world still use the way of serving food in this style. These are popularly available in the shapes of Lagans, Handis & Patilies. The Patilis are available in different designs & colors. All dishes have watyer pans made in stainless steel which makes them practicable to use.

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Soup WarmerGet Quotation
We offer world class solutions to serve Soups, Curries & hot beverages which retain the tempertaure of liquids to a desired level. Soup Warmers can run electically in Soup Hot Pots while Soup Stations can be controlled both electically & manual heating.

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Crystal Lazy Susans-Lazy Susans-TurntablesGet Quotation
Lazy Susans/Crystal Lazy susans forms one of the most efficient, reliable, preferred, neat & clean way of serving food & beverages together. All around the world & especially European countries like UK, the Catering industry have been holding events like never before & have given a totally new dimension to the way of serving food & drinks. The partially flushed bowls ensure that while dining it is visible that which of the dishes need replenishing. A segregated food area, a defined placed to keep bowls, beverages & centre piece, all these elements ensure that serving operation remains neat & tidy. On top of that dining arrangement like lazy susan ensures that the people siiting across can communicate properly as it does not block the view of person sitting across. The units depending the dishes required can aptly fit 5' or 6' Round Tables. Surely, the impact, this kind of arrangement leaves on the diner, will be an experience to remember & will give moments to cherish. 

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Crystal Karahi StandsGet Quotation
Table Service forms one of the most extravagant way of serving food. To make the dining experience a memorable one, we offer world class Table Service Equipment in the form of Crystal Karahi Stands. Till now Crystal use to beautify the roof & ceiling of homes & hotels. Now the same luxury if offered by way of food service equipment. We make revolving Crystal Centrepieces which houses food & drinks at times, thus making the food service operations neat & clean. The units are placed on 5' or 6' Round tables which have 8-10 chair around each table. This form of food service is very popular in UK & Central Europe.

In india, this is often termed as service of main table, where Bride, Grooom & their close families sit together & have a dinner of life time. 

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Karahi StandsGet Quotation
Our cutting edge technology enables us in the efficient production of our Karahi Stands including- elegant karahi stands, ethnic karachi stands and others. These karahi stands are available in various designs, sizes, coatings, and carry ethic touch to the ambience of party. Our stands are suitable for keeping the food hot and are available with candelabra that render an elegant appeal.

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Serving TrolleyGet Quotation
Our sophisticated machinery and innovative technologies enable us in the effective production of trolleys including serving trolley, bar trolley, snacks trolley, dish trolley, soup trolley, fruit salad trolley and others. These are fabricated using premium grade of raw material and are in high demand all across the globe.

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Traditional Thali SetsGet Quotation
We make extensive range of traditional Thali sets which are so often used in our homes. To render that same home kind of finish to the exclusive events Indian Catering Groups now a days use same Thali Set Up to Special Dining Guests. The Thali Sets consists of Matching Vegetable Bowls, Chatni Bowls, Rice Bowls, Sweet Dish Bowls, Glass, Spoon & Forks with the Thaii. We offer them as Brass Maharaja Thali Set, Copper Maharaja Thali Set, Golden Thali Set for Sajangoat, SS hammered Thali Set, Delux Thali set, Mickey Mouse Thali Set.  

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Copper Tablewares Part 1Get Quotation

After a long time practiced by Rishis, Munis, Ayurveda & Modern science, it is now an established fact that Copper is much useful & slightly soluble in water. Copper inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses & fungi, clears the waste attached with intestinal walls & keeps the stomach free from stomach diseases, regulates cardiac disorders thereby regulating many other orders of the body. Copper is a soul of life. 

We bring forth our clients an exclusive and enthralling range of copper table wares. The beautiful collection of tablewares is designed to suit the need of the clients. Copper tablewares are designed by experienced and diligent employees in varied shapes, sizes and designs. We also customize our the products on the basis of glossy finish. These can be availed at highly competitive prices. Our wide and diverse range of copper tableware includes Copper Steel Curry Dishes, Copper Water Pitcher Hammered, Copper Angithi/Sigri, Copper Steel Handi, Copper Steel Balti, Copper Glass & Jug, Pickle Stand, Copper Steel Ice Cream Cup and many more.





  • Quality oriented
  • Durable
  • Affordable prices
  • Indian Craftmanship


Products & Services

Copper Tablewares Part 2Get Quotation
Our ever expanding range in Copper is not just limited to run of the mill stuff. We offer unique concepts in Copper Tableware which make the atmosphere of the workplace look awesome. The designing, theme & ideas that run behind, make them world class products.

Products & Services

Copper Smokey Finished Hammered Tableware-Heritage CollectionGet Quotation
The demand for Copper tableware is tremendous, but on the other side upkeep & maintenance is a big problem. Over the time copper & brass gets tarnished & looks dull & patchy. Metal Kraft has taken an initiative that has made copper items look much more beautiful. We have introduced our heritage collection of copper tableware which looks rich & ethnic, yet designs are contemporary & indian. These are Smokey Finished Copper Tablewares. Eversince, we introduced them, the love & fondness of Copper Tablewares has shown an immense growth & people are loving to use them. The big advantage is that they require minimal manitenance & looks just awesome

Smokey Finished Copper Handi Dishes

Smokey Finished Copper Steel Karahi

Smokey Finished Copper Steel Casserole Portion Dishes

Smokey Finished Copper SS Brazier Portion Dish

Smokey Finished Copper Hammered Table Service BBQ Grill

Smokey Finished Mini Frypan Dishes

Smokey Finished Copper Mini Saucepan Dishes

Smokey Finished Copper Steel Wok W Wooden Handle

Smokey Finished Copper Hmrd Wok W Br Handle

Smokey Finished Copper Hammered Belly Pan & Dish

Smokey Finished Versatile Copper Hammered Angithi

Smokey Finished Copper Steel Tawa Dishes

Smokey Finished Copper Balti Dishes

Smokey Finished Copper Punjabi Handi

Smokey Finished Copper Oval Curry Dishes

Smokey Finished Copper Hammered Pickle Stand

Smokey Finished Copper Show Plate-Charger Plate

Smokey Finished Copper Ice Cream & Desert Bowl

Smokey Finished Copper Hammered Goblet

Smokey Finished Copper Mutki & Amarpali Glass

Smokey Finished Copper Hammered Platters

Smokey Finished Copper Hmrd Full & Quarter Plate

Smokey Finished Oval Snacks Salad Platters

Smokey Finished Copper Oblong Bread Basket

Smokey Finished Finger Bowl W Underliner

Smokey Finished Copper Hammered Cutlery

Smokey Finished Copper Table Service Tandoor

Smokey Finished Copper Hammered Imperial Napkin Stand

Smokey Finished Hammered Bubble Bread Basket

Smokey Finished Copper Toothpick, Straw, Cruet & Bud Vase

Smokey Finished Antique Samovar Kettle

Smokey Finished Copper Steel Ice Bucket With Cover

Smokey Finished Copper Water Pitchers

Smokey Finished Biryani Handi with Pan Handles

Smokey Finished Copper Hammered Oblong Platter

Products & Services

Stainless Steel Hammered Tablewares Part 1Get Quotation

Innovative and attractive designs of our stainless steel hammered tablewares has made us the first choice of the customers. Our range enables one to experience the purity of Indian dining. We do not believe in compromising in terms of quality and looks thus avail the range that is made from best quality, non-corrosive material. Stainless Steel Hammered Tablewares adds stars to the presentation of the food and also the dining table. The wide gamut of products that we offer includes SS Hammered Handi, SS Hammered Karahi, SS Hammered & Matte Finished Jugs, Eye Shaped Snacks/Salad Platters, Tea Set 4cc Hammered, Hammered Dinnerware, and many more.





  • Reliable
  • Enthralling looks
  • Customized design



Products & Services

SS Hammered PlattersGet Quotation
We offering a fantastic range of Stainless Steel Platters in Hammered Finish which are extensively used for Table Service, Buffets, Fine Dining, Home use for serving all styles of veg & non veg starters. Our range of platters surely makes the food look beautiful & more mouth watering.

Products & Services

Table WaresGet Quotation
Our wide industrial expertise helps us in manufacturing chic and versatile table wares including steel table wares, decorative table wares, copper table wares, stainless steel table wares, copper steel tablewares, ss tableware hammered finish, napkin stand, bread basket, dim sum basket and others. These are meticulously designed by our adept professionals and are tough, practical and beautifully designed that reflect traditional Indian art and craftsmanship.

Products & Services

Sizzlers Pizza Bases & Wooden Food Service DishesGet Quotation
Now a days sizzling snacks have become much in demand for serving starters & so has the need to serve them in appropriate way. We design Sizzlers in different shapes which includes Round, Oblong, Rectangular, Square, Triangular, Fish shape & what not. same way serving Pizzas on wooden bases has catched up, so we also make Wooden Pizza bases in different sizes for small medium & large pizzas in 8" 10" & 12" with & without handles. We employ best quality of sheesham wood for an increased shelf life of wooden bases.

Products & Services

Menu StandsGet Quotation
We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Menu Stands such as Display Stand, Pole Display Stand, Menu Indicators, Name Tag Holders, Capsule Bullet Name Tag Matte & Bright Finish, Menu Stand and many more items from India.

Products & Services

CutleryGet Quotation
Over the years, we have catering to the requirement of our esteemed clients manufacturing and supplying steel kitchen cutlery, professional kitchen cutlery, home kitchen cutlery and commercial kitchen cutlery including- Venus Brite, Venus Hammered, Kings, Elegant Matte and others. These are fabricated using best grade of raw material and are durable, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant and highly attractive with excellent finish and lustrous shine.

Products & Services

Tongs & GadgetsGet Quotation
We offer a very comprehensive range of Tongs which have various applications. These are termed as per their usage with most popular ones known as Utility Tongs, Bread Tong, Pastry Tong, Spehetti Tong, Ice Tong, Serving Tong, Lobster Pick, Chapati Tong, Palm Tong, Smiley Tong, Snacks Tong, Spoon Fork Tong, Salad Tong, Meat Tong, Vada Pav Tong, Idli Tongs etc.

Apart from Tongs, we also offer a variety of gadgets to ease out the serving experience like Salad Servers, Tin Cutters, Ice Cream Scoopers & Ice Cream Cutters etc.

Products & Services

BarwareGet Quotation
We capitalize on our state-if-the-art manufacturing unit fabricating antique and decorative barware that are known for commercial functionality and quality craftsmanship. These modern and antique barware includes store & pour bottle, bar caddy, condiment dispensers, champagne bucket with stand and others. These are in high demand all across the globe and are offered in customized forms.

Products & Services

Hotel UniformsGet Quotation
To meet the growing demand for luxurious and upscale hotel supplies, we manufacture and export a variety of Hotel Supplies, Hotel Uniform and Chef Uniform as per the specific needs of the clients. They are available at affordable prices. The uniforms are made out of breathable fabrics in Polyester Cotton, Polyester Viscose or 100% Cotton as the requirements.

Products & Services

Candelabra And Centre PiecesGet Quotation

We have among the widest range of Dining Centre Pieces & Candelabras that can enhance the ambience of place & are offered in different sizes & styles, form & fusion of Crystals & Metals.

Products & Services

Housekeeping ItemsGet Quotation
We are backed by a pool of efficient and qualified professionals who utilize different sophisticated machinery in fabricating our exclusive House Keeping Items including stainless steel bin, stainless steel planters, ash can bin, decorative steel planters, etc. These are fabricated using premium quality raw material and are available in different designs, sizes and dimensions.

Products & Services

Commercial TandoorGet Quotation
The Commercial Tandoors including Gas Tandoor, SS Square Tandoor, Drum Tandoor, SS Round Tandoor, Stainless Steel Tandoor and Clay tandoor are made from best grade of raw material. These are widely used in restaurants & hotels for preparing delicious tandoori cuisines such as naan, pizzas, cakes, biscuit, tandoori chicken, fish and tandoori rotis.

Products & Services

Barbecue GrillGet Quotation

Our organization has attained glorious success as the leading manufacturer and exporter of barbecue grill. The barbecue grill manufactured by us is the true mark of quality and craftmnship. The range is available in various specifications such as with or without canopy varied sizes and many more. Corrosion resistant raw material is used for the manufacturing of the exclusive range of barbecue grill. The product is easy to manage, use and clean. The wide gamut of barbecue grill offered by us includes Bar Be Que Set and Bar Be QueSet without canopy.




  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Customized design
  • Competitive prices


Products & Services

Copper Pots & PansGet Quotation
Copper Cooking Pots are best for preparing Mughlai/Hyderabadi Biryani as the Copper Deghra/Copper Sipri/Patili/Deg besides having its food preparation friendly properties have a broad bottom, have tin plated inner surface, a narrow top which helps in retaining & locking the flavor of Biryani. They are available in different sizes & can be customized to one's requirement.
When it comes to non veg cooking or even veg, be the dish is lentils (kaali daali/sabut urad daal/black eyed peas) mutton, chicken, rogan josh or biryani, nothing comes as good as copper deghra. The very traditional Indian way of cooking & serving daal, hot curries & non veg dishes comes only through this copper hot pot. These vessels are made out of thick guage which are tin plated from inside & when the daal/meat is cooked on simmering heat, it ensures the richness of flavour & authentic Indian Mughlai taste. They are handmade & can be customized to any size.
We offer them in customized sizes with most popular sizes being pictured.

Products & Services

Stainless Steel Pots & PansGet Quotation
For the extensive Kitchen requirements, we offer high quality Pots & Pans in Stainless Steels like Tawa, Jalebi Karahi, Deep & Shallow Frying karahi, Casseroles, Sauce Pans, Saute Pans, Frypans etc.

Products & Services

Signage ProductsGet Quotation
Our high precision Utilty Products possess quality, accuracy and durability. These can be made as per customer specifications.

Products & Services

Theming & DecorGet Quotation
We offer theming concepts which are extensively used by caterers to create typical indian backdrops. We create different styling concepts like stall for Golgappa & Chat Papries. Standing Umbrellas are also extensively used & are available in different colour themes to match Rajwara & Rajasthani style of backdrops.

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