Metal Kraft, Delhi
Metal Kraft, Delhi

Menu Stands

Menu Stands

Directions & Indications are so very important to co-relate different things & so does our Menu Stands, which are made of high quality metals in bright & matte finish.  

Display Stand

Item Code: MK-701

We offer display stands in sizes 18"x24" & 24"x36" in brilliant brass finish & stainless steel finish. They are widely used to display names & information of venue, hall, auditorium, occasion, wedding couple & host's names. Letter kits are also available in brass/steel finish in 1" & 1. 5" sizes.

Pole Display Stand

Item Code: MK-706

We offer public display information system in different patterns & one of the popular ones is pole stand. It occupies less space with the blank area of 16"x22" to display information of the event.

Menu Indicators

Item Code: MK-702

We offer extensive range of menu stands in stainless steel which form the most vital part of buffet systems. The most advantageous factor of these stands is that their menus are not fixed therefore can be replaced 'n' no of times, as it's just a computer system generated printout that need to be replaced to change a menu.
The Menu Stands are available in matte finish with
5",10" & 15" heights

Name Tag Holders

Item Code: MK-703

We are offering name tag in the form of solid steel bars in matte & bright finish. These are extensively used by fast foods chains, confectionery shops, caterers, hotels & conferences, offices etc.
tech details
bullet: 50 mm x 12 mm
slant cylinderical round: 32 mm

Capsule Bullet Name Tag Matte & Bright Finish

Item Code: MK-703bm

We offer Capsule shape Bullet Name Tag Holders in matte & bright finish which can effectively hold majority of paper sizes. These are extensively used in corporate offices for holding different kinds of pull outs, visiting cards, paper folds. By Catering Industry, they are extensivley used to display menus. Alart from that they have their presence in Coffee shops, Confectionery Shops & Bakery Outlets, Pastry Parlours, Ice Cream Parlours, Meat Sellers, Sweet Shops to display the respective names of items. 

The sizes offer are 
Matte/Bright Capsule Bullet: 52 mm x 16 mm (length x thickness)
Matte/Bright Capsule Bullet: 80 mm x 16 mm (length x thickness)  

Menu Stand

Item Code: MK-162

We export chrome, brass, SS menu stands with standard base weight, size, length of rod. These are widely demanded in various hotels and restaurants and provide high visibility of hotel menu card or paper. These menu stands can also be customized in terms of height, diameter & weight of base and dimension of stand.

Tall Boy Number Stand Disc Shape

Item Code: MK-704

We offer stainless stands in variable heights which are suited for multiple utility. These stands can be used to display menus, today's specialties, table no's & lot of other information which one may find it fit to use.
Disc Table No Stand
Size No Base Dia x Ht
1) 11.3 cm x 31 cm
2) 11.3 cm x 38 cm

Table Number Stands

Item Code: MK-705

We manufacture table number stands in dull matte satin finish or bright chrome finish in different sizes & designs to fit round & rectangle tables used in events like marriages, conferences, banquets.

Clamp Menu Stand

Item Code: MK-707

The most utility kind of stainless steel menu stand stand which has a unique clamp shape on the top to hold menu's, table numbers, today's specialties. The stand has a better grip which can hold placrads of any size & thickness. The stand is available in 6" to 15" heights. Dimensions of the stand.
Base dia: 3"
Height   : 10"

Coin Buffet Tag/Card Holder

Item Code: MK-708

Clear information is the need of today, as you can't expect the client asking what's this & what's that?

We offer some unique styles to make your buffet area look as smart & as informative as one could. One of them is our Coin shaped Buffet Tag or Card Holder, which can take any size of card or buffet name tag. These tags are exrensively used in Pastry Shops, Ice Cream Parlours, Confectionery Shops, Sweet Houses, Restaurants, Banqueting Suites, Pasta Stations & Fast food Outlets. 

Name Tags for Staff

Item Code: MK-709

Goine are the days when name tags use to come with safety pins, thus spoiling the fabric of shirt of top surface of the fabric.
To make the staff & in turn the organization look more professional, we offer name tags in Stainless Steel with logo & name of the worker. The size & design can be cutomized to ones requirement. The best part of these tags are they are magnetic & hence can stick to the magnets. The magnet is placed just behind the name tag & the fabric in between sticks in between. 
The MOQ to make such name tags is 250 units. 

Menu Stand/ Table Number Stand 2 Tone

Item Code: MK-710

We offer Table Number/Menu Stands in variable heights to suit different needs. The unique combination of bright finished stainless rod with upper & lowers in bright brass finish makes them look beautiful, thereby adding grace to the table.
The size in picture is 10" high 

Peacock Information Stand

Item Code: MK-714

Information is the key source to let someone know, something which is important & the way information is displayed has become equally important.

We offer a versatile Stand that can hold any size of paper. This can serve

As a menu Stand
As Today's Special Stand
As offer of the day
As Table Number Stand
As Tall Boy Stand.

The stand is offered in variable heights to suit the event concept & requirement.

The design of peacock which is our national bird is very popularly used as logo in different Hotels, Restaurants like Peacock Restaurant, Mayura Restaurant etc. in India & Overseas.

We offer the stand in different heights to suit the event.
This stand in pic is 13 cm/5' high

Table Menu Stand/Today's Special Stand

Item Code: MK-713

We offer SS table Menu Stand in immaculate finish with multiple options. The most popular amoung them is the 1/2 sheet of A4 size horizontally & vertically."
The stand has following specification.
Frame Size 4" x 8"
Total Height with base: 10"
Frame Size 6" x 8"
Total Height with base: 10"

KOT Holder

Item Code: MK-711

To organize the running menus in order we offer KOT holders which are available in different lengths from 18" to 36" which helps organize menus & thus give a professional way of running orders.

A3 Clip Stand

Item Code: MK-712

To display any information, we offer unique stand that has A3 size sheet frame made of Aluminium which has a sturdy Stainless Steel Base & an adjustable SS Rod to create any height. The stand is extensively used in public display areas to show directions, venue names, Main Menu Displays, Conference Room Display, Toilet Display. In fact, any info can be displayed on an A3 size sheet & display information to the desired effect. 


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